Microblading & Microshading Training

​2 Day Class Curriculum

Eyebrow microblading artists have the potential to earn more money per procedure than any other beauty industry professional. Our comprehensive hands on instructor led training takes you through the microblading process step by step from marketing and client consultation to flawless natural looking eyebrows.

Potential Revenue
  • ​Average Cost per Microblading procedure: $500.00
  • ​Average time per Microblading procedure  2-3 hours
  • ​Profit or weekly income (based on 5 clients per week) $2,500 weekly
  • ​Annual Income (not including tips)  $120,000        

​Class Description
​This course is a two-day intensive beginners class.
  • ​Client Consultation and Consent forms
  • ​Setting Up Your Station
  • ​Eyebrow Mapping / Shaping technique
  • Color and pigment selection
  • ​Microblading 3D brow brushed technique
  • ​BONUS: Shading and Microshading technique
  • ​Licensing and permit legalities
  • ​Inspection Information
  • ​Permanent makeup health & safety
  • Hands-on microblading practice
  • Live demonstration with a model
  • ​Marketing & branding
  • Product & supplies resources
  • Aftercare
  • Certificate of completion
  • Product kit
  • Life time post-class support

Price:   $​1,499.00

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