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If looking better includes losing inches from your tummy, hips, thighs, buttocks, and other areas of your body, we can help you achieve noticeable results without you having to break a sweat. We offer ultrasound cavitation body contouring, also called non-invasive lipo, to melt away fat while you relax.

body treatments
30 min
$98 per Handel 

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Emsculpt Neo can help build muscle in popular areas such as the abs, biceps, buttocks, and quads by inducing muscle contractions. One 30-minute session amounts to an estimated 20,000 crunches or glute contractions, which can result in up to 18%-24% muscle growth. In addition, there will be no lactic acid buildup, meaning clients won’t have to go through post-workout soreness. 

Appointments last just 30 minutes, so even those with the busiest of schedules can find time to squeeze in a workout – without ever breaking a sweat. Because Emsculpt is non-surgical and non-invasive, there is no downtime or recovery period. You will be able to get back to your busy, active lifestyle right away. Results can be seen and felt right after your treatment, but will continue to improve and evolve over the course of the coming weeks.

Benefits of Emsculpt NEO

  • Sculpt, slim, and strengthen your body
  • Build, tone, and firm strong muscles
  • Natural, lasting fat reduction
  • FDA-cleared
  • Scientifically proven
  • Safe and effective
  • Painless treatments
  • Easy 30-minute sessions
  • No downtime needed

Emsculpt NEO Before and After*

Emsculpt NEO before and afters highlight why this new treatment is so revolutionary. While results will vary per person*, the individuals shown in the pictures are real patients showing genuine Emsculpt NEO results. It is important to note that the optimal outcomes are possible when this treatment is administered by a reputable professional. Emsculpt NEO is technique-sensitive. Only a skilled, licensed provider like Eternal Medical Spa should administer the treatment for amazing, safe results.

How is Emsculpt NEO Different From the Original Emsculpt?

Emsculpt NEO uses the same energy as the initial treatment. However, the difference is that Emsculpt NEO combines that High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) with the powerful energy of Radio Frequency (RF). The addition of RF technology enhances the ability to burn fat cells. Moreover, this treatment is also more inclusive for body sizes because it treats most patients with BMIs up to 35.

How Does the Treatment Work?

During an easy 30-minute treatment, a handheld applicator emits both HIFEM and RF energy. This energy passes safely through the skin without harming any surrounding skin or tissue. The Radiofrequency delivers thermal energy to the tissues, warming up the muscles and heating fat cells. Soon after the treatment begins, the fat cells underneath the applicator start to die by undergoing lipolysis.

At the same time, the HIFEM energy penetrates the muscle tissue. This causes powerful contractions in the muscles. These contractions are unlike anything you can achieve manually. Emsculpt NEO induces more than 20,000 contractions within the target muscle group by the end of the session. In response, the body creates more muscle cells and enhances existing muscle fibers.

Afterward, the melted fat cells are naturally collected and processed out of the body. Once those fat cells are gone, they can never grow back or return. Emsculpt NEO provides lasting fat reduction.

Cavitation, Radio Frequency
1 hr

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WHAT IS ULTRASONIC CAVITATION?                                                                     This revolutionary process uses ultrasound technology to break down fat cells underneath the skin. Women and men are turning to ultrasonic cavitation to trim and contour their abdomen, arms, thighs, back, buttocks, and hips. This body contouring procedure reduces fat and cellulite – without surgery, pain or downtime. Cavitation is a safer alternative to liposuction and other costly surgical procedures. It works by applying pressure to fat cells using ultrasonic vibrations. The pressure is high enough to break down the fat cells. The body then flushes out the broken-down fat through the body’s natural waste elimination systems. The lymphatic system plays an important role in clearing waste from the body.                                                                                            Cavitation and Laser lipo is a relatively recent technology that is most utilized for fat reduction. These devices use low-frequency to mold the body without the use of anaesthesia. It is a risk free treatment that avoids scarring, discomfort, and downtime. It is regarded as a safe alternative to surgical liposuction. These treatments creates a high pressure wave that targets the fat membranes because the membranes are unable to withstand the pressure, they disintegrate into a liquid state that is naturally eliminated, resulting in immediate fat loss.
The procedure begins with measuring the circumference of the target body area, then applies the device directly to specific areas of the skin after a gel is applied, and continues with circular movements of the applicator over the treatment site. 
For combo session, a radiofrequency probe is also used, which is slowly rotated over the target area, transmitting radio waves to the skin and heating it. The heat stimulates the colagen fibers to contract, tightening the skin immediately. 
Treatment sessions typically last about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the area and the thickness of the fat layer. Results can sometimes be seen immediately after the initial treatment, with further improvement seen within a few days. Six to Twelve sessions, once a week are recommended. However, additional treatments may be required to reach the clients desired figure. 

Cavitation, Radio Frequency, and Wood Therapy
1 hr

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Cavitation, Radio Frequency, and Wood Therapy

1 hr 10 min|$175

These services are used to help break down fat cells below the skin. This step-by-step technique is used to help target the area of the body and help treat stubborn fat. Paired with Radio Frequency to help the skin retract to its new body contour.


Cavitation, Radio Frequency, and Wood Therapy

1 hr 10 min|$175

These services are used to help break down fat cells below the skin. This step-by-step technique is used to help target the area of the body and help treat stubborn fat. Paired with Radio Frequency to help the skin retract to its new body contour.


Cellulite Treatment
45 min

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Cellulite Treatment

1 hr|$95

These services have been specifically designed to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite is caused by weakened or dehydrated skin, making cellulite more visible. This service provides incredible restoration to the skin by using a heating vacuum probe to help restore the skin’s collagen. While reducing the appearance of cellulite, this service promotes firmer and toner skin, giving a more youthful look. Each service provides excellent benefits to improve the appearance of cellulite. In combination with Arosha cell repair Dry-Touch oil is applied to the skin. It's a natural complex Red Alga (malaria palmata) based rich in minerals and polyphenols with excellent drainage properties. This active has positive impact on microcirculation, proving to be an effective ingredient in reducing the body’s imperfections caused by the cellulite process.

Radio Frequency
55 min

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Radio Frequency

45 min|$105

This treatment focuses on skin tightening. As you begin to age, your cells produce less collagen, resulting in saggy and undesirable skin. Radiofrequency helps fight against that, leaving the skin feeling tighter and smoother. This can be used on the face or body. Benefits include: *Blood Circulation *Improved Skin *Toner Skin *Fat reduction *No Downtime *No anesthesia needed *Results last for a long time with a healthy lifestyle *Results occur gradually, so you can maintain discretion about the treatment. *Leaves No Scars Treatment time is 1 Hour. Once or twice a week with 42 to 72 hours in between. ~Before your appointment, it is advised to not eat two hours before and after treatment. It is also advised to drink 1 to 2 liters of water before treatment~

Radio Frequency, Laser Lipo, Sauna Therapy
1hr 20min

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Radio Frequency, Laser Lipo, Sauna Therapy

1 hr 20 min|$155

This treatment focuses on skin tightening and fat reduction. Benefits include: *Blood Circulation *Improved Skin *Toner Skin *Fat reduction *No Down…

wood therapy

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The term body contouring is an umbrella term for an array of both surgical and non-invasive procedures intended to:

  •  Tone
  • Tighten
  • Re-shape

These treatments target stubborn fat deposits found in the belly, thighs, butt, “muffin tops,” or “love handles.” Thankfully there are many nonsurgical fat reduction procedures offered at spas like Vacuum Butt Lift Center, including wood therapy.

butt/breast or hip enhancement 
Vacuum Butt Lift
30 min

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Are you looking for a non-invasive method to give your derrière a desirable lift? If that’s the case, the vacuum butt lift may be the key to achieve the butt you’ve longed for. This pioneering new technology has myriad benefits, such as lifting the buttocks, tightening loose skin, and reducing cellulite.

With a vacuum butt lift, you can firm your behind without needles, incisions, or other invasive techniques. Women and men choose vacuum butt lift therapy to contour their backsides when diet and exercise haven’t worked


  • Lifts your buttocks
  • Enhances tone and shape
  • Reduces cellulite through fat removal
  • No surgery, pain, down time, anesthetic, or harmful side effects
  • Tones and tightens skin
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Increases production of collagen and elastin
  • Instant results


Even if we had an attractive derrière during our younger years, our skin begins to droop and sag over time as it loses elasticity. If your butt appears less toned, or you simply weren’t genetically-gifted with a round and smooth bottom (like most of us), vacuum butt lift therapy can offer a much-desired boost. It’s great for fat removal as well.

Our spa, based in Jersey City and Ridgewood, uses clinically proven technology to lift, tone, and tighten the buttocks. Our procedure is a fraction of the cost of a surgical procedure like implants. It’s also proven to be safe, effective, and requires no post-surgical downtime.

The combination of technologies dissolves the stubborn fat pockets that cause dimpled skin, and repositions some of the malleable fat for a more desired appearance. Broken down fat is then deposited naturally through the body via the lymphatic system (for more information about the lymphatic system, check out our article about Wood Therapy).

Following your initial treatment, you will notice an enhanced curvature of your buttocks. The suction device redistributes fat cells immediately, although you will continue to noti

Vac breast  enhancement
30 min

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Vacuum Breast Lift: The Safe and Effective Way for Breast Enlargement.

The effects of gravity and age on the breasts are concerns that most women can’t assume. With gravity and ageing, the breasts tend to become less elastic, stretch and eventually descend. Known to many as breast sagging, the inevitable ageing process and gravity take their toll on women breast which causes some of them to lose their confidence and self-worthiness. It also allows most women to get firmer breasts, which in turn brings back their youthful appearance, boost confidence and fight childbirth effects. With several non-surgical options available in the market, what is Vacuum breast lift, the breast enlargement Essex and what are the benefits?

What is vacuum breast lift?

Vacuum breast lift is a non-surgical breast lift treatment that is safe and has enormous effects. With several ineffective non-surgical breast lifting treatments already in the market, the vacuum breast lift is showing some promise for those looking for non-surgical breast enlargement treatments. While some enlargement treatments may cause mild swelling of your breasts and make them like some millimeters higher, the vacuum breast lift treatment is a safer alternative. The treatment focuses on pectoral muscles, helping lift loose skin in the process. It also helps lymph and blood circulation to the breast, which can help soften localised fatty deposits. This revolutionary breast enhancement treatment lifts and shapes your breast helping you to achieve that confidence and appearance you want.

How does the breast enlargement Essex work?

The vacuum breast fit treatment is a combination of three treatments which includes vacuum suction, photodynamic light therapy, and micro-current charge. During the session, cups are placed over each breast for a certain duration. The only discomfort you might experience is due to vacuum suctions, but you can adjust to a level you that will make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Some therapist also uses the vacuum machine approved by FDA.

The vacuum cupping is a combination of and latest technological advancements. The combination allows therapists to provide unique, safe and effective non-surgical treatments. A session can last for approximately 30 minutes during which blood and lymph circulation have enhanced the breast, which in turn allows for breast lifting.

The vacuum suction ion the other hand causes the breast muscles to contract and strengthen which cause the breast to be firmer and the muscles tight. The muscles will have a more permanent state during the cause of the treatments and become more toned and stronger which leads to a fuller breast appearance. The process used naturally reduces toxins from the body via the lymphatic systems. The lift is natural and non-surgical or non-invasive.

The aftercare 

Since vacuum breast lift is a non-invasive procedure, the aftercare process is much easier. Your diet and other factors will affect the duration it takes for you to see the results, but with little aftercare, you will eventually get the new look you yearn to get. If you want to discontinue the treatment and not go for further sessions, your breast will return to their normal appearance and size.

Benefits of breast enlargement Essex

Unlike surgery or other breast enlargement procedures, vacuum breast lift has the following benefits:

  • No downtime. You can go to work immediately after the treatment session
  • The procedure takes only 30 to 40 minutes per session
  • Immediate full recovery
  • Immediate results
  • Potentially long-term results’ duration
  • Not an aesthetic required

The side effects of the treatment are minor. A slight sensitivity that lasts for a few days and mild redness are some of the side effects. This side effects won’t prevent you from doing your daily duties. The results may vary depending on the number of treatment you want. You will require anything between 1 and 8 treatment sessions for constructive results.

Are the results permanent?

The results are not permanent, but last longer. The more sessions you attend, the longer the results last. You won’t experience any permanent scarring of marks after the treatment of even when you decide to discontinue the treatment. The process is usually painless but can be slightly uncomfortable for the first minutes. Otherwise, it is a relaxing and comfortable process for anyone who wants breast enlargement Essex.

Ageing and childbirth are some of the factors that lead to sagging breasts. After decades of searching for a non-surgical, safe and effective way of achieving bigger, rounder and firmer breasts, the new vacuum breast lift is what you need. Those who fear surgery and want to enlarge their breast in the safest, most natural way should consider the vacuum breast lift treatment. This breast enlargement Essex is the newest trend in the breast enlargement industry. The desire to reverse and undo the work of ageing and gravity if noticeable after the first session. The 30 to 40 minute session will bring back your youthful appearance, boost your confidence and help you fight childbirth effects.

Vac hip enhancement
45 min

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Get your butt augmented without any surgery! Butt/Hip Vacuum Therapy is the most revolutionary non-surgical butt enhancement technique that gradually lifts and plumps the buttocks. 

  • Enlarges and firms the buttocks or hips without surgery
  • It increases the flexibility of the skin
  • Instantly lifts the buttocks by up to 70%
  • Improves venous and lymphatic flow
  • Exfoliate the epidermis for smoother skin
  • Stimulates the dermis and hypodermis as well as the muscles