Teeth Whitening

The Multi-Strength Beaming White Tooth Whitening System is an advanced, painless and effective, teeth whitening procedure.

  The Multi Strength TEEth Whitening System


(30 MINUTES) $99

— Quick touch-up session
— Removes fresh stains
— High-strength whitening agents
— 2-3 shades lighter
— $99 for one Express service session


(40 MINUTES) $185

— First time whitening
— 2 sessions in 1 visit
— High-strength whitening agents
— 3-6 shades lighter
— $185 for one Regular service session


 (60 MINUTES) $249

— First time whitening
— 3 sessions in 1 visit
— High-strength whitening agents
— 5-8 shades lighter
— $249  for one VIP service session

Painless, non-invasive and does not significantly increase sensitivity
Leaves your teeth 2–8 shades lighter based on your own predetermined choice, guaranteed
Effective for up to two years
Uses a patented LED laser light and an innovative mouth opener

Our Advanced LED light is the finest bleaching system money can buy. This teeth whitening lamp harnesses LED blue light technology to deliver 2-3 shades whiter in just 20 minutes guaranteed! It accelerates the teeth whitening process giving you fast, immediate results on the spot.

This teeth whitening machine provides a longer lasting whitening because it penetrates deep within the middle of the tooth, the dentin, to bleach the stains clear giving the white appearance of the tooth.  The more power behind the light, the better the result. This elite equipment combined with our Carbamide Peroxide products, produces the best possible teeth whitening on the market.


With this method, we will place a pre-filled tray (which looks a lot like a mouth guard) into your mouth for 30/40/60 minutes. It is filled with 30% carbamide peroxide whitening gel. The tooth whitening lamp does its job to help the gel penetrate into the pores of the teeth below the surface for a deep, long lasting whitening from within.