Botox & Dermal Fillers

​"Perfect Balance" Botox​​® (Dysport®, Xeomin®)

​​Perfect Balance is procedure pioneered by Dr. Mauer to treat fine lines and wrinkles correcting imperfections in the face as a whole.  The Perfect Balance Botox method enhances results and sustainable longevity with consideration of proportions and how opposing muscles interact- leaving the face smooth and wrinkle-free with perfect balance.

​All Dermal Fillers

​Dermal injectable fillers deliver volume and tighten the skin. Their application is used to correct severe facial creases, wrinkles and folds. Dermal injectable fillers are also used for lip enhancement, defining cheek bones, etching chins and jawlines, under eye repair, and non-surgical nose jobs (non-surgical Rhinoplasty).

The simplified approach of “filling” a line in the face can make you look unusual by altering the natural proportion and nuances of the face.  Adam Mauer MD is a skilled physician that recognizes the necessity of staying youthful looking, while always remaining natural.

Products: Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella, Restylane, Restylane-L, Perlane, Perlane-L, Radiesse, Sculptra, Boletero, and all other FDA approved dermal fillers used.

​About our doctor

Adam W. Mauer, MD is one of New York City’s top cosmetic physicians and owner of Human Artist MD and LRX Medical Aesthetic Center.  The state of the art office located in Midtown Manhattan is equipped with the most current and advanced technology.

Dr. Mauer graduated early from Columbia University with a degree in Pre-Medicine and Music and Art.  He attended medical school at the Sackler School of Medicine and completed a general surgery internship at Beth Israel Hospital graduating from NYU Rusk Institute for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  He is licensed in four states: New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

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